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Individual Counseling

Adapted to your particular situation, history, and priorities 

Here Are Some Common Challenges I HelP With:

  • Changes following a major life transition

  • Grief following a loss

  • Attachment: difficulty staying connected in relationships or overwhelming fear of losing one. 

  • Challenges with sleep, appetite, energy, or concentration.

  • Emotional regulation: having a strong emotional reaction to seemingly small stressors or feeling detached and unable to identify emotions.

  • Distressing memories connected with painful or traumatic experiences.

  • Worry, anxiety, and inability to physically relax.  

  • Circular or "stuck" thinking patterns.

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You Can Expect To:

  • Identify related "clusters" of thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and behaviors that are making life difficult.

  • Pinpoint past experiences where these yucky clusters developed. 

  • Carefully process through past experiences that are at the root of the problem, addressing the thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and reactions that are related. 

  • Learn and use some new strategies for becoming aware of and objectively stepping back from cluster experiences.

  • Develop more helpful ways of viewing yourself and others. 

  • Talk about the here and now and address any cluster experiences that are rooted in the present (not the past).

  • Develop lots of compassion for yourself and others. 

  • Feel increasingly resilient, connected, and capable. 

Everything I do is soundly based in research-driven counseling methods and neuroscience. I'm here to be a partner in a process that you are undertaking. That means that we'll come up with a plan and move along at a pace that makes sense for you.

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